"Creativity is a by-product of mastery of the sort that is cultivated through long practice.”

— Matthew Crawford

In the Lab, Learn-by-Doing

Harmel men spend roughly half their days receiving technical instruction on campus. Our learning labs are designed to mimic real-world environments so that our students can spend as much time as possible “getting their hands dirty.” Learn more about about our Machine and Systems Technology Program here and about our Foundations of Skilled Stewardship Program here.

On the Job, Learn-by-Doing

Harmel men learn to work by actually working, not just talking about it. We guide our students through this in one of two ways: by helping the men win apprenticeship placements in a local collaborating shop, or by placing them in what we call a “meanwhile job” while they await for an apprenticeship position to open. 

Click here to learn more about Apprenticeships and Meanwhile Jobs.

The Skill of Response-Ability

As it should be, the money earned in his work is the man’s to spend as he sees fit. (Many men opt to use this money to pay for their tuition, room, and board— significantly reducing or potentially offsetting the cost of the program.) Because the man’s job is ultimately his to win, lose, or thrive in, the Harmel man learns from the get-go how to respond to life’s opportunities, how to captain his own ship and to manage the many relationships and responsibilities required to be excellent. All along the way, however, Harmel staff and faculty serve as close advisors to ensure the man develops and refines the technical skills and virtuous character that prepare him for this excellence.

Johnson 01

“Harmel has a very unique way of focusing on why we’re working, Who we’re actually working for, and why working with your hands is so satisfying and joyful. We’ve been able to practice actually finding God in our work.”

— Josiah Johnson
Machine and Systems Technology, Class of 2022