Why We Exist.

"Work is for man,
not man for work."

—St. John Paul II

Our Vision

A Generation of Men of Integrity, Formed in Holiness, Skilled in their Trade, In Solidarity With One Another And With Christ.

Our Mission

A residential, Catholic, post-secondary, trade school for men that:
  • Helps students grow in holiness through a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Prepares students to be technical experts in their chosen trade.
  • Supports business and industry by providing well-trained, hard-working, dependable and ethical workers.
  • Helps students understand and apply Catholic Church teachings on work.
  • Equips students with the skills and support to lead their future families.
  • Creates associations of Catholic tradesmen, with mentorship, fellowship, and social action.

We Exist to...

  • Partner with local industry, to integrate employer needs with our program design in a cycle of continual improvement.
  • Provide practical education of a student’s hands and head, to train students in a skill while providing them with spiritual and intellectual formation.
  • Help skilled tradesmen learn to blend study with work and work with prayer, thus helping them ground their work in the call to holiness, to justice, and to the common good.
  • Bolster a culture of skill, initiative, entrepreneurship, confidence, and character in the skilled trades workforce itself and in the communities supported by that workforce.

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