Watch Out! (He is Coming!)

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, perhaps my favorite season of the year. As a convert to Catholicism, I am still struck by the fact that the Church devotes an entire season to anticipation, to waiting, to watching. But what’s more, that such waiting is deeply infused with a sense of joy. 

It is as if the Church decided that the shaking-with-joyful-anticipation-for-Christmas-morning that is bundled up inside of a child on Christmas Eve should become an entire season, and that, through the faithful observance of that season, we acquire that joy as the normal condition and attitude of the Christian life.

He is coming! 

But as today’s Gospel tells us, we must “be watchful, be alert!” And this alertness takes practice.

Young men especially must learn how to be alert, and must learn that waiting is meant to be not simply serious self-discipline, but a joyful anticipation of the Master.

At Harmel Academy, we think there is a special need, and a special opportunity, to form young men to see their work in the skilled trades as an opportunity to practice such joyful anticipation of the Master, to practice having their entire lives become an occasion of having eyes on the Master—waiting, watching Him.

But we need your help to continue building a community where this can happen.

Please consider a year end gift (click here) to Harmel Academy of the Trades—or perhaps consider becoming one of our monthly givers, the Friends of Harmel (click here).

Thank you. We can’t do this without you.

In Christ, With Joyful Anticipation,


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