Season One Episode Three – Cal Schroder

Season One Episode Three – Cal Schroder

Season One Episode Three – Cal Schroder

Our guest today on Working Man is Cal Schroder. Cal is a husband, a father, an electrician, and a graduate of Thomas More College. If you want to understand how an integrated human life requires both the work of your hands and the work of the mind, Cal’s the guy to talk to.

In this episode, we talk about Cal’s journey from a liberal arts education to a career in the trades, why discounting the trades and romanticizing them are equal and opposite errors, why work and leisure are not exactly opposites, and what Greek philosophy has to do with running conduit in an apartment building.

Cal’s a thoughtful guy with a real balanced and nuanced view of the good life, and I think you’re going to like this one.

In this episode, we reference Leisure: The Basis of Culture by Joseph Pieper, an excellent reflection on the difference between a ‘totalitarian’ view of work, and a truer, healthier view of work and leisure.

We also reference Cal’s article, “Toward a Rehabilitation of Uselessness.”

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