Season One Episode Seven – Craig Leidel

It’s not uncommon for guys to think about their careers in terms of retirement. Plenty of fellas are out there counting the days until they can leave work behind them and spend their days on the golf course. But our guest today on Working Man — well, you might say he went in the other direction. Craig Leidel is the father of nine who is now the general manager of a historic building restoration company.  But he didn’t enter the trades until he was forty years old after careers in sales and— are you ready?—golf.

Yes, Craig left a life on the golf course — first as a golf pro and then as a salesman who did a lot of business on the golf course — to enter a career in the skilled trades.

Clearly, you don’t make a move like that without a great deal of thought and introspection, and with Craig, you’re going to find a guy who thinks deeply about the spiritual importance of working with his hands.

In this episode, we talk about why a healthy spiritual life should include to some degree of working with your hands; how work can offset the challenges of anxiety and an overactive imagination; and why it’s a bad idea to judge dusty people in the grocery store checkout line.

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