Season One Episode Nine – Mike Rounds

Several years ago, when our co-founders Brian Black and Ryan Pohl began to search for models of a residential trade school, they were able to find only one: Williamson College of the Trades, just outside Philadelphia.

Williamson is a residential trades college for young men, and while it isn’t a Catholic or Christian school per se, it was founded by a Quaker businessman over a century ago and holds faith as one of its core values, alongside integrity, diligence, excellence, and service. Williamson provides a superb trades education and truly forms its students to be men of character and skill, men that are highly sought out by businesses across the country.

It was clear that there was a lot about Williamson that could serve as a model for Harmel Academy, and when Brian visited their campus, he was welcomed with open arms by Williamson’s president, Michael Rounds.

Mike is a husband, a father, a Catholic, and he came to Williamson College of the Trades after a career in the Army. Since that initial visit, Mike’s become an advocate, mentor, and friend of Harmel Academy and he is our guest today on Working Man.

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