Season One Episode Eleven – Dr. Jordan Ballor

As many of you know, Working Man is the official podcast of Harmel Academy of the Trades, and as some of you may also know, we are located on the campus of Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, MI. Now, Harmel Academy is a Catholic school, and Kuyper College is a reformed school, and so you may be wondering how that works.

Well, one way of getting into that conversation is to talk about Kuyper College’s namesake, the Reformed theologian Abraham Kuyper. And on today’s show, we have just the fella to help us do that. Beside being an old friend of mine, Dr. Jordan Ballor is a reformed theologian who edited the volume “Makers of Modern Christian Social Thought: Leo XIII and Abraham Kuyper on the Social Question”.

Pope Leo XIII is often regarded as the father of modern Catholic Social Thought, and so I’ve asked Dr. Ballor to reflect on some of the significant points of overlap between Leo XIII and Kuyper. Today’s show gets Catholic chocolate in Reformed peanut butter and Reformed peanut butter in Catholic chocolate, but if you think this is somehow going to be an exercise in dull theological speculation, you’ve got another thing coming. And there’s even a brief appearance of boxing legend Mike Tyson (in reference, if not in actuality).

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