"Anyone who takes his relationship with God seriously soon sees that prayer is not merely an expression of the inner life which will prevail on its own, but is also a service to be performed in faith and obedience.”

— Romano Guardini

Ora et Labora: Pray and Work

At Harmel, a man learns to practice the presence of God, the habit of seeing his work as a collaboration with Christ in the creation and redemption of the world. Taking a page from St. Joseph, the man learns that prayer—continual attention to Christ—is the very soul of work.

Divine Office

Harmel men join daily to say Lauds, Vespers, and Compline. On days when their work schedule prevents them from joining community prayer, they are asked to pray solo, or to join with those who share the same work schedule.

Mass, Confession, Spiritual Direction

Mass is offered on campus twice a week: Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Our chaplain is also available for confession and spiritual direction.

Parish Life

Since parish life is a key part of being Catholic, Harmel men are encouraged to attend Sunday mass at one of Grand Rapids’ many vibrant parishes, and to contribute actively to the life of that parish.

Krupp, Gieger, and Hatley - ELE

“I had a hunger for intellectual growth and spiritual growth and I needed to lock down some sort of a marketable trade. [Harmel] has helped me develop a method of thought… You have to really be working and acting to contemplate the concepts we’re talking about in class. If it doesn’t take form in a way of life, then it’s just talk.”

— Joshua Geiger
Electrical, Class of 2022