Harmel Announces New Campus Location at Kuyper College in Grand Rapids

Harmel Academy of the Trades is excited to announce its new Grand Rapids campus location at Kuyper College.

Kuyper College, a fully accredited college offering Bachelor and Master level degrees, will support the startup of Harmel Academy through a lease arrangement that provides access to housing, food service and other facilities. While both institutions will remain independent, both share complementary visions for practical, work-oriented education with a Christian emphasis.

Kuyper College President, Dr. Patricia Harris commented, “As a Christian college celebrating 80 years of God’s faithfulness, we appreciate the opportunity to host and help enable this new institution that believes, like us, in the value of practical educational experience, from a faith-based perspective.”

The school’s founders have identified and are responding to the unique educational needs of young men. Harmel Academy of the Trades is planning its first class for the fall of 2020, and is currently moving into dedicated space at Kuyper College.

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