Fr. Dom’s involvement with Harmel has truly been a work of Providence. Not only does his presence on campus mean our students have regular access to spiritual guidance, formation, confessions, etc. from an excellent priest. But prior to his priesthood, Father Dom spent 20+ years working for Couturier Iron Craft, his family’s custom metal fabrication studio.

So, just to make that clear: he is a priest and a tradesman. He’s a welding priest.

In Harmel’s first bi-weekly Sunday Dinner, Fr. Dom shared with our students how he thought that, when entering the priesthood, he offered to God all that he had been and had known. He thought he was saying goodbye to his past: his experience and skills in work and welding. But with his involvement in Harmel, he has learned that God gave everything he had offered back to him.

In addition to helping our students learn how the life of work and the life of holiness go hand-in-hand, Fr. Dom he will be teaching Introduction to Welding this fall, instructing Harmel men in how to lay down some truly venerable beads.

Welcome, Fr. Dominic!