Harmel Academy Hosts First Virtual Open House

Harmel Academy hosted its very first virtual open house to great success. The Facebook Live featured speakers Fr. Dominic Couturier and David Michael Phelps and a Q&A session. Topics throughout the night included motorcycles, the first shop tool (the broom), Leon Harmel himself, and of course, Harmel’s programming, including an explanation of the integrated Humanities program.

In true Harmel fashion, speakers may not be the correct term for what Fr. Dominic and Mr. Phelps were the evening of February 15, 2023. Where one might expect slideshows, droning voices, and a lecture hall, Harmel delivered a virtual open house with conversation, information, liveliness, jokes, and a Bridgeport for a backdrop. 

The virtual open house offered the academy a chance to reach a large audience from the East Coast to the West Coast. One young man and his father were watching from Pennsylvania while another from the other side of the country in California. Both would have required a bit of a hike to attend such a talk in person.

Although many of the questions posed during the Facebook Live were focused on learning the basics of Harmel, there was a high interest in the Foundations of Skilled Stewardship program—our gap-year program—and future program development. The Foundations of Skilled Stewardship program was launched this academic year and has generated a lot of interest for young men who feel that they want to go into the trades but are unsure about which trade will be the right one for them or are unsure about what path they want to take post-secondary.

Although the live stream is no longer live, we encourage you to give it a view. If you have any questions, send them our way through our contact form on our website or by emailing hello@harmelacademy.org. We look forward to more events and opportunities like this in the future. 

Although no date has been set for the next Open House, Harmel will have a table at the KEPHA Men’s Conference in Grand Rapids, on March 18th at St. Robert’s. If you will be in attendance, stop by to say hi to some of our students, staff, and faculty members. Also, don’t miss Fr. Dominic Couturier, who will be one of the featured speakers!

Missed the Live Stream? It’s recorded! Check out the video on our Facebook page or click here for the link. Also, look out for clips on our social media!

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