Catholic Teaching

The Foundation of Our Academics

The Catholic Church has long been teaching about the beauty and value of work and the dignity inherent in the activities to “subdue the Earth” as we are commanded to do.  Since Pope Leo XIII’s ground-breaking encyclical, Rerum Novarum, the Church has offered regular and relevant insights into how the faithful can navigate the challenges of the modern world.  The Church has been proposing tangible ways for people to grow in holiness through their work, while also striving for new innovations and technology.  

At Harmel Academy of the Trades, students will develop their understanding of Human Dignity, the Primacy of Jesus Christ over all things and how to achieve Peace at Work taking a deep look at how these elements effect four areas of life: The Self, The Other, The Family & The World.  This curriculum is brand new and has been customized specifically to the needs of the Tradesman.

Humanities Curriculum