Foundations of Skilled Stewardship

Foundations of Skilled Stewardship
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Foundations of Skilled Stewardship

A Gap Year Program for Men Ready to Launch

Are you…?

  • Interested in the skilled trades, but don’t have the knowledge or experience to know which trade is for you?
  • Considering college, but want to also gain the manual skills and technical know-how to maintain and engage your material world?
  • Looking to take a deep dive into your vocation as a man created in God’s image, preparing yourself to build a life for yourself and your family?

Why not take a year to prepare for life, discern your career, and gain valuable skills at the same time?

The Foundations of Skilled Stewardship Program is a one-year, on-campus program for young men who desire to be trained in the fundamentals of skilled work, whether they intend to continue on in the study of a specific skilled trade, or to prepare for college or non-trades work.

Students live on-campus, and eat, learn and pray together as a community.

The Foundations program is designed to help young men discern their vocation as working men and acquire fundamental, technical skills and introductory trades experiences in the following manual disciplines:

Construction+ Welding + Electrical work + Machining + Plumbing

Home maintenance + Carpentry + HVAC + Automotive repair and maintenance

The Foundations of Skilled Stewardship curriculum is project-based, with students demonstrating specific, real-world, practical competencies.

Among the many practical skills you’ll learn, the Foundations Program will teach you to:

  • Weld
  • Machine a part
  • Diagnose a car repair
  • Identify wood species
  • Fix a toilet
  • Back a trailer
  • Safely load a truck
  • Forge a knife blade
  • Design an electrical circuit
  • Replace a faucet
  • Use adhesives
  • Cut down a tree
  • Paint a room
  • Fix a roof leak
  • Use dangerous tools

The program also includes guided instruction on the ethics of work and character formation, and includes S.W.E.A.T Pledge certification from the Mike Rowe Works Foundation curriculum.


The program and schedule allows students to work part-time, off-campus, in their own jobs, earning their own money. By being in a community of young men making this transition into the working world together, students have a network of support.

Program cost is the same as our two-year apprentice program, found here

Students who successfully complete all of the program modules will receive a Certificate of Completion.

We are limiting this program to only 12 students.

There are three enrollment periods:

February-March 2022—Priority Enrollment will be given to applicants who complete all application requirements in this period.

April-May 2022—If we have spots still available, we will open a second round of enrollment. If all positions are filled, students in this period are eligible for Wait List status.

June-August 2022 (Wait list)—In the event an accepted applicant drops out, we will offer positions to Wait List applicants.