Electrician Program (ELE)

As the world relies more and more on electrical power, it needs more and more skilled electricians. Harmel’s Electrician Program provides the rigorous training required for employment in multiple high-demand occupations, as well as the intellectual formation and confidence that allows a man to adapt to various challenges in the field.

Wired for Excellence


Harmel’s ELE program is a two-year program that focuses on preparing professional and skilled electrical apprentices who can serve industrial, commercial, and residential electrical contractors. In this apprenticeship-track program, students build a firm foundation in the following:

  • Electrical Theory
  • Circuits and Metering
  • Electrical Prints and Diagrams
  • Control Systems
  • Single-Phase and Three-Phase Systems
  • Raceways and Fittings
  • Conduits and Cables
  • Construction Safety and Practices
  • Wiring Methods, Materials, & Tools
  • Math & Communication
  • Electrical Codes
ELE Asset 6

The Opportunities

Electricians are key members of many skilled teams  across  many industries. Whether you like moving from place to place every day as a service electrician, working outdoors in construction settings, or working with controls in high-tech manufacturing or security, the life you lead as an electrician can take many forms and can take you just about anywhere you’d like to go.