Community of Workmen

Community of Workmen
Community of Workmen2021-07-02T17:50:59+00:00

Community at Harmel

True Friendships for the Future

The life-long friendships made during college have a unique strength. When we live closely together and work toward a common goal, we discover a natural solidarity among ourselves. Does this solidarity need to end when we leave college? Does it need to be limited to only our classmates? We believe that Harmel Academy can help foster and expand these friendships throughout our work lives, creating a true community of workmen who support each other in all our human needs.

Students, recent graduates, experienced workmen, and business owners will all help build this community through prayer, mentoring, training, networking, and direct aid in times of need. When we are truly living as the Body of Christ, our relationships to one another are vital.

Campus Life

Integrated Learning Experience

Life on campus will be formed by:

  • Cohorts. Each student belong to cohorts, responsible for each others’ learning and common life. These cohorts will also compete in sport and other areas of achievement.

  • Honor & Discipline. Classes will be disciplined and punctual. Academic integrity will be built on a code of honor.

  • Not Just Work. We will have a full gym, weight room, sports field, recreation room, local eateries and coffee shops, city life, and some innovative activities planned.