At Harmel, integration is the name of the game. Far from offering simply “a program,” Harmel offers a path to form the whole person: mind, body, and soul. Our community and curriculum are designed as an integrated whole.

Formation of the Whole person

When we live closely together and work toward a common goal, we discover a natural solidarity among ourselves.  We believe that learning to be a skilled man requires relationships and friendships that extend throughout our work lives, creating a true community of workmen who support each other in all our human needs.

This community of students, alumni, experienced workmen, and business owners is built through prayer, mentoring, training, networking, and direct aid in times of need. When we are truly living as the Body of Christ, our relationships to one another are vital.

Our Programs

Whether you know which path you want to take, or you’re still figuring it out, the community at Harmel is here to help you discern your future in skill and holiness.

Machine & Systems Technology
Foundations of
Skilled Stewardship