“How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!”

—Psalm 133:1

A Life of Fraternity

Harmel men live in households, fraternities committed to mutual support, accountability, and encouragement in the life of holiness. Household brothers encourage one another to be fully engaged in the Harmel community and in a life of sacrament and service. Each household has a specific charism and character, and each household comprises men of different programs and years, offering Harmel men the chance to build bonds of fraternity and support that extend beyond their class schedule, employment partnerships, or year of study.

Sport and Recreation

Weightlifting. Forging. Camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting. Soccer. Rebuilding motorcycles. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (a particular favorite)—Harmel men spend their leisure time in a variety of ways, on campus and off campus. The greater Grand Rapids area has tons to do, whether you like the city, the country, or the beaches.


Throughout the year, Harmel men attend LifeSkill, a series of seminars on practical life stewardship led by local men of skill and distinction. From basic auto maintenance to writing a budget, from cooking to buying a home, from understanding the challenges of insurance to building confidence in virtuous dating, LifeSkill seminars are designed to remove the mystery from those basic skills required to form stable, intentional lives of excellence after graduation.


Harmel Academy is hosted on the beautiful wooded campus of Kuyper College, a Reformed college in Grand Rapids, MI. Thanks to our fruitful partnership with Kuyper, Harmel offers all the amenities you’d normally expect from a college, but with dedicated dorms, classrooms, laboratories, and an oratory of our own.


First-year students are placed on a Full Meal  Plan. Second-year students have the option of either a Full Meal Plan, a 5 Meal/Week Plan, or a 10 Meal/Week plan, with access to a full kitchen in the lounge of Harmel’s dorm.

“You’re always surrounded by your brothers, and they’re always supporting you.”

— Daniel Parker
Machine Systems Apprentice, Class of 2022