Season One Episode Three – Cal Schroder

Our guest today on Working Man is Cal Schroder. Cal is a husband, a father, an electrician, and a graduate of Thomas More College. If you want to understand how an integrated human life requires both the work of your hands and the work of the mind, Cal’s the guy to talk to. In this […]

Season One Episode Two – Ryan Pohl

Ryan Pohl is a machinist, former shop teacher, and the owner of Praeco Skills, a company that designs and delivers customized training programs for various industries. He is also the co-founder of Harmel Academy of the Trades. This is a guy with a ton of energy and insight into the challenges faced by working men, […]

Season One, Episode One – Brian Black

Hey it’s the very first episode of Working Man, the official podcast of Harmel Academy of the Trades.  Our guest today on this inaugural episode is Brian Black, the co-founder and president of Harmel Academy of the Trades. Before co-founding our academy, Brian spent decades in the skilled trades working as general manager of Grand […]

Episode Zero of Working Man

Welcome to Working Man, the official podcast of Harmel Academy of the Trades. Harmel Academy is a Catholic, residential trade school in Grand Rapids, MI, and our mission is to share the Catholic Church’s teaching on the human enterprise of work, and to provide to the Church and to the world men of integrity, men […]