Season One Episode Thirteen – Phil Sotok

Our guest today on Working Man is Phil Sotok. Phil is an entrepreneur and businessman with over twenty years experience in the automotive industry. Phil is also the founder of DPMC North America, a firm that helps companies reorient their cultures around unifying purposes. On today’s episode, Phil and I discuss two core virtues for […]

Season One Episode Twelve – Dr. D. C. Schindler

The guest today on Working Man is Dr. DC Schindler. Dr. Schindler is Professor of Metaphysics and Anthropology at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family at the Catholic University of America. Dr Schindler is has written many book and articles, and he is renown for, among other things, his […]

Season One Episode Eleven – Dr. Jordan Ballor

As many of you know, Working Man is the official podcast of Harmel Academy of the Trades, and as some of you may also know, we are located on the campus of Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, MI. Now, Harmel Academy is a Catholic school, and Kuyper College is a reformed school, and so you […]

Season One Episode Ten – The Brothers VanderHyde

Today on Working Man, you get two for the price of one. Our guests on this episode are Daniel and Michael VanderHyde. Daniel and Michael are two of 10 kids, and all six boys in their family followed in the footsteps of their dad and grandad by working in the trades. Both Daniel and Michael […]

Season One Episode Nine – Mike Rounds

Several years ago, when our co-founders Brian Black and Ryan Pohl began to search for models of a residential trade school, they were able to find only one: Williamson College of the Trades, just outside Philadelphia. Williamson is a residential trades college for young men, and while it isn’t a Catholic or Christian school per […]

Season One Episode Eight – Mark Albert

Today’s guest on Working Man is Mark Albert. Mark is the Editor Emeritus of Modern Machine Shop Magazine, a publication he worked for from 1980 until 2018. In his nearly forty years writing about manufacturing, Mark has seen some tremendous changes in technology and technique, but he’s also had a lot of time to discover […]

Season One Episode Seven – Craig Leidel

It’s not uncommon for guys to think about their careers in terms of retirement. Plenty of fellas are out there counting the days until they can leave work behind them and spend their days on the golf course. But our guest today on Working Man — well, you might say he went in the other […]

Season One Episode Six – Dr. Nathan Schmiedicke

Today’s guest on Working Man is Dr. Nathan Schmiedicke. Nathan is a  farmer who also happens to teach biblical theology at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Seminary in Denton, Nebraska. In this episode, we talk about what God was up to when he placed man in the garden and gave him dominion over all the earth, […]

Season One Episode Five – Dcn Dominic Couturier

Today’s guest on Working Man is Deacon Dominic Couturier. For 23 years before entering the seminary, Deacon Dominic worked at his family business, Couturier Iron Craft, makers of beautiful, custom stairways and railings. After working as a metal fabricator, project manager, and member of the company’s board of directors, Deacon Dominic discerned a call to […]

Season One Episode Four – Fr. Paul Check

Today on Working Man we’ve got a guest with a very unique resume. He’s a priest, a moral theologian, and the rector of St. John Fisher Seminary in Stamford, Connecticut. Before being ordained in 1997,  he worked in air freight, and prior to that, he spent several years in the Marine Corps as a tank […]