Are You Up to Hear the Good News?

Merry Christmas!

How fascinating it is that the first announcement of our Lord’s birth went to a small group of working men who were out late at night tending the flocks. One can speculate as to why Divine Providence would choose such men to be the first to hear this cosmic announcement, but one good answer is simply this: 

They were up.

Like the Virgins in our Lord’s parable, being up, being awake, being attentive seems to be an important part of being ready for our Lord when he comes, when he asks us to know him, when he asks us to join him in his work in preparing the great festivity which is the Kingdom of God.

 Men who are up. Who are attentive. Who show up.

This is one goal of the formation we offer at Harmel Academy of the Trades. Yes, we want men “who show up for work,” but who do so because “work is where our Lord is” and, like St. Thomas, we want to be wherever our Lord is.

We’re looking to build a generation of skilled tradesmen — attentive, willing, prayerful — who love Jesus Christ and who are animated in all they do by that love. (Because, let’s face it, <<the need is great>>.)

But this isn’t something that can be done through a program or an academy. 

It has to be done through a community.

And we need you, members of that larger community, to help build that community.

At the end of this calendar year, please consider a generous donation to Harmel Academy of the Trades. 

Thank you for supporting Harmel Academy of the Trades.

We can’t do this without you.

A very, very Merry Christmas to you and your family. 


David Michael Phelps

President, Harmel Academy of the Trades

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