Application Process and Requirements

Please read all of this before you apply, but don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

The following is required at the time of enrollment:

  • High school graduate or GED
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Pass a drug screening test
  • Pass a criminal background check

Application Process

Our application process requires these tasks at some time in the process:

  • Complete the on-line application
  • Visit campus
  • Provide letters of recommendation through the on-line application
  • Provide a resume via email in a format selected by the student
  • Provide a high school transcript to date, or GED if available
  • Take the SLE (Wonderlic) test
  • Participate in an initial interview in person or by phone
  • Take a mechanical aptitude test
  • Take a drug test
  • Submit proof of health insurance or sign a waiver
  • Criminal background check

Procedural Requirements

Certain required actions must happen in order. Here are the procedural requirements:

  1. Students must visit campus at some time in the process. 
  2. A student can delay a campus visit until after our Initial Review, and instead must take the SLE Quicktest on-line before the Initial Review. He will still need to take the full SLE during his campus visit to confirm his initial Quicktest. Please contact us if you need a special accommodation for test-taking.
  3. We ask that an applicant confirm that he will pass a drug test and background check on the application, but we will not perform those until he accepts our Conditional Offer. Be honest and explain any circumstances on the on-line application to prevent future disappointments for everyone involved.
  4. A student provides a projected GPA on the on-line application and then provides his final transcript after graduation.


If an applicant is not able to provide proof of health insurance, we will ask a student to sign a waiver. We do not have detailed or specific health insurance requirements, and healthcare cost sharing plans are accepted.

The mechanical aptitude test is not graded but provides us some indication of ability.

The resume can be in a traditional format, or any format that best demonstrates the applicant’s interests, accomplishments and abilities. We will accept photos, videos, or portfolios, and any combination of formats. Submit your resume by email to

We welcome your questions regarding any extenuating circumstances regarding qualification for enrollment.

If You Are Applying to the Foundations of Skilled Stewardship Program, Please Note:

There are three enrollment periods for this program:

February-March 2022—Priority Enrollment will be given to applicants who complete all application requirements in this period.

April-May 2022—If we have spots still available, we will open a second round of enrollment. If all positions are filled, students in this period are eligible for Wait List status.

June-August 2022 (Wait list)—In the event an accepted applicant drops out, we will offer positions to Wait List applicants.

If You Are Applying to the Electrician Program, Please Note:

For the Electrician Program (Class of 2024), we are limiting enrollment to eight students. For application to this program, the following applies:

  • Priority Enrollment (February-March 25, 2022) Priority Enrollment will be given to applicants who complete all application requirements in this period. Applicants offered positions have until May 1 to respond with a commitment and deposit to hold their spots.
  • Spring Enrollment (April-May 2022)—Prospective students applying during this window will be considered for enrollment (should spots be available) OR for a spot on an enrollment Wait List. Should a position open, Spring Applicants on the Program Wait List will be given priority over those who apply during the Summer Enrollment period. Applicants who are offered positions in this window have until July 1 to respond with a commitment and deposit to hold their spots.
  • Summer Enrollment (June-August 2022)—Harmel will continue to accept applications for the program Wait List, but priority will be given to students from the Spring Enrollment Wait List.

Admissions FAQs

Is there an application fee? No.

What happens after I submit the Application on-line? We will make a preliminary review, and respond with any questions or concerns. We will stay in touch, but do not hesitate to contact us for any updates.

How late can a student apply for admissions? There is no formal deadline. However, the Electrician Program and the Foundations of Skilled Stewardship Program both have caps on the number of students accepted. Therefore, applicants accepted after the programs are filled will be placed on wait lists. Applications that are submitted after enrollment has closed could be considered for the following year if the student chooses.

How do I submit a homeschool transcript? For each year of high school, please provide the name of the class and grade in any format that is simple and clear to understand. Please describe any non-traditional courses and how they were assessed (field work, volunteer work) if you included those in your curriculum. Provide any narrative or description that you think would be helpful to Harmel to understand the coursework and curriculum. We understand that each family will have its own program.

What is the SLE test? The Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) tests cognitive ability rather than knowledge, which is what is tested by other college entrance exams like the ACT, CLT and SAT. The SLE was developed by Wonderlic. The Quicktest is done on-line and consists of answering 30 questions within 8 minutes. This test is not monitored or proctored, and is done on the student’s honor. Click here to see some sample questions. Be sure to read the instructions carefully when you start. When you take the test, be sure to be in a quiet place without interruption, and have pen and paper ready for some simple math during the test.

Applicants take the SLE Quicktest if they want to apply without visiting campus right away. The Quicktest results give an early indication of an applicant’s likelihood of success without having to visit campus.

All applicants take the full SLE when they visit campus. If an applicant has taken the Quicktest, the full SLE will confirm the earlier results. The full SLE test is also taken on-line, but is administered and proctored by Harmel staff. The full SLE is 50 questions answered in 12 minutes.

These tests are only one of many factors that are used to select applicants. These tests are not “passed” or “failed”.

What format does the resume need to be in? The resume should be in whatever form best conveys more about the student’s life, accomplishments and interests. Be creative. We will accept anything from a formal resume, to a video. The resume will be used as a starting point for the interview.

Can I transfer credits? No. Harmel Academy is not yet accredited, so we cannot accept or offer any credits for transfer. We are working on becoming accredited with the ACCSC.

What about vaccines? We will be providing a list of recommended vaccinations to students when they are accepted for enrollment. Our policy is coordinated with our host campus, Kuyper College.

Does a student need to provide proof of health insurance? Yes. We will ask for information about health insurance (or a need sharing plan) during enrollment. If a student does not have coverage, he will be asked to sign a short form that confirms he is responsible for his health care expenses.

Does the student need to have a car? No, but he does need to have a valid driver’s license. However, we highly recommend that he have a car on campus to be able to get to his apprenticeship.

How do I submit Letters of Recommendation? There is a field in the Application. Enter the email address of the person you’ve asked to provide the reference, and our system will send them a request directly. They will submit your recommendation directly to us on-line.

How can I make a visit to campus? Please email us to arrange a visit. There will also be Visiting Days scheduled and promoted.

Should I prepare for the SLE test? You can take sample tests on-line to familiarize yourself with the test. Unlike other tests though, SLE (Wonderlic) measures intellectual ability (thinking) rather than knowledge (content).

Does Harmel accept Federal student aid money (Pell Grant)? Not yet. A school must be accredited to receive Federal money, and we are working toward accreditation now. This process takes a few years.

Is a student guaranteed a job? No, but we have built relationships with local collaborating employers who have extremely high needs for new, eager, interested workers. It is our desire that each student will have a job at a collaborating shop coordinated with our program. After the end of the two-year program, it is expected that the student will continue to work at the employer full time. This arrangement is between the student and the employer. 


Start by filling out these initial name, address and email fields and hit submit. This prompts three things.

First, a link will be immediately sent to your email. You can use this link to return to the Application at any time to complete it.

Second, you will receive a text from Populi (our on-line system) asking to confirm the cell phone number you entered.

Third, you will be redirected to a fresh page that has the rest of the Application questions and how to submit Letters of Recommendation.

We recommend having available the email addresses of the people you have asked to submit Letters of Recommendation, before you start the Application. Populi will send an automated request to the people you have asked to submit letters. We recommend you contact these people to watch for that automated email, as it can sometimes end up in their spam folder.

You can always use the link to return, if necessary.