Announcing Working Man, Harmel Academy’s New Podcast

Today we officially launch Working Man, the podcast of Harmel Academy of the Trades.

While we remain busy preparing for our inaugural class this fall, we’ve decided to fast track another initiative of Harmel Academy—namely, extending what we do into the public square. The Working Man podcast is the first step in doing just this. 

Working Man exists to share what the Church teaches about the very human enterprise of work, to dive into centuries of prayerful insight about the essential role work plays in our human existence, to learn how Christ, in revealing man to man, teaches us, and exemplifies for us, the true meaning of our work.

We’ll be chatting with working men of all stripes — electricians, machinists, builders, designers, — as well as with theologians, philosophers, and priests— all to help set the stage for a new conversation that’s sorely needed in our world— a new conversation which is, in fact, a very old conversation, a conversation that started the day God gave man a garden to tend and a world over which to exercise his dominion.

So we hope you’ll listen, subscribe on your favorite podcast app, and share it with your friends.

You can find Working Man on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast platforms.

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