AMTEC Chosen for Technical Skills Curriculum

AMTEC Chosen for Technical Skills Curriculum

AMTEC Chosen for Technical Skills Curriculum

Harmel Academy of the Trades has selected the Advanced Manufacturing Technical Education Collaborative (AMTEC) Curriculum as the basis of the technical skills curriculum.  The AMTEC curriculum is a nationally recognized, industry developed curriculum designed to support the technical development of Machine and Mechanical Systems Technicians.

AMTEC recognizes that the advanced manufacturing industries require uniquely trained employees to support:

  • Increasingly flexible and lean manufacturing;
  • Fluctuating customer demands;
  • A growing focus on green and sustainable manufacturing; and
  • Rapidly changing technology

In response to these industry demands, AMTEC now offers:

  • Industry-led maintenance certification assessments available through NOCTI Business Solutions;
  • Industry validated online competency-based college curriculum aligned to nationally researched skills standards in 2016;
  • National analytics in an ongoing continuous improvement environment within AMTEC
  • Industry-grade professional development for college instructional staff
  • Shared best practices and educational models among colleges and industry partners
  • Flexible career pathways instruction and dissemination to fit the unique needs of students, employees, and employers

For more information, visit AMTEC website.

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