44 Days of St. Joseph – March 24 – Guardian of the Redeemer

Why should the God of the Universe should require a guardian?  To reflect on St. Joseph’s title “Guardian of the Redeemer” is to reflect on the mystery of the Incarnation itself, and in particular, the invitation to us that the Incarnation represents.

Clearly, God needs no guardian. We need guardians. 

But in becoming human, God shared our weakness, our need for a guardian. He became a human child. He became a target for a murderous king. He became subject to threats, injury, and pain. 

But isn’t God also our protector? Is not God is our refuge? Our fortress? Are we not safe  ”under his wings“? Is he not our buckler and shield?

As the Psalms repeat, God is indeed our guardian.  Yet, in St. Joseph, we see that his closeness with us in sharing our weakness is an invitation for us to share in his strength. By sharing our human weakness, God also invites us to share in his compassion, and his role as our protector, provider, and guardian.

In becoming one of us, he allowed himself to ‘need’ a guardian. And he chose the quiet man from Nazareth.

Did St. Joseph know this was happening? Or did he do the best he knew with what he had? 

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