44 Days of St. Joseph – Guardian of Virgins

Virginity is not a “lack of” as much as it is an “availability for.” Those who forego marriage for the Kingdom do so not to “flee marriage,” but precisely “for the Kingdom.”

Those on this earth who would give themselves to God in such a way—the Blessed Virgin Mary, for example—such people pose a direct challenge to the self-confidence of the world, to the illusions the world may have of itself, illusions of self-sufficiency.

This availability to God often brings from the world scorn, even violence—in a word, vulnerability. This can be social, psychological, or spiritual.

In his providence, therefore, God provides guardians to those who would give themselves to him, and since he provided Joseph to the Virgin who made herself available to God in the flesh—the God come to redeem us all—so too is it fitting to see Joseph offered as the guardian of all virgins.

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