44 Days of St. Joseph – April 6 – Mirror of Patience

A very strange name is given to St. Joseph in his litany: “Mirror of Patience.”

It can be said that patience is the habit of grace, a type of “beneficent waiting,” the active willing of a good that may be imperfect or yet to arrive. In this sense, just as a mirror itself does not generate an image, but rather “expects” one, so does patience wait for—it “saves a seat for”— that which gives meaning to that waiting.

In his earthly life, Joseph did not see the ministry of Jesus, nor his Passion, Cross, and Resurrection. But his whole life was dedicated to preparing for them. Perhaps he came to know what he was preparing for. Perhaps not. But nonetheless, his patience takes its meaning and form from these events in the life of Christ.

Do we too understand that our patience can be preparatory for the act of Another?

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