44 Days of St. Joseph – April 5 – Joseph Most Loyal

Belief is a type of knowing, born of trust, the trust given to a witness of what is personally unknown or unseen.

Faith is a type of belief, a supernatural belief in the Witness who gives testimony of Himself, and Who, in revealing Himself, renders to the believer the ability to believe.

So, to be loyal, to be faithful, is to safeguard that faith. To steward and hold fast the gift given, the gift of faith. To be faithful is to recognize the charge and duty that comes as the recipient of such a gift.

Joseph, in guarding the Revealed God Himself, was the faithful guardian of faith. God had given this gift—the gift of himself—into the hands of a man and a woman, and they were tasked with guarding it, nurturing it, stewarding it.

But the gift was itself the power to keep the gift. And as the gift was so great, so great was the power to keep it.

Is it possible that in being faithful, in “keeping faith,” it is true that, in fact, the faith keeps us?

Is it possible that Joseph is “Most Loyal” precisely because he was most directly in the line of sight of the Gift Who Revealed Himself?

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