44 Days of St. Joseph – April 3 – Joseph Most Brave

Fortitude — that is, strength of will — has two basic acts: endurance and attack. Of the two, endurance is the greatest for endurance is the firm grasping of the good that gives the ability to face dread and opposition.

What we cling to as our good is like fuel for our will. If it is truly good, it makes our wills strong. If it is only apparently good, it makes our wills weak. And if it is the Highest Good, does it not stand to reason that it would make our wills the most strong?

St. Joseph held God in his arms, God who had come to him in the complete dependence of an infant child. Here was Man’s Highest Good, and Joseph was the first man to hold him, to cling to him. Even if Joseph did not realize the full import of this act, the full significance of this child, even if the mystery were still buried deep in the circumstances of history, can we not trust that his grasp of this good strengthened his will, and made him Joseph Most Strong, Most Brave?

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