44 Days of St. Joseph – April 1 – Joseph, Most Chaste

Chastity is not simply a matter of sexuality purity. Chastity is the ability to see the “wholeness” of the other as a person and then to act accordingly. It is to avoid fragmenting the other or reducing the other to a type or a tool.

There is something worth noting about skilled laborers that is applicable here. A skilled tradesman must always reckon with the reality in front of him. Not an abstract idea of that reality as might be found in a manual or service guide or description given over the phone. But the reality in its fullness as it IS, not as he imagines or desires it to be. “What is particularly true” is what one must reckon with, not “what is abstractly desired to be true.”

St. Joseph, as a skilled laborer, would have been a man used to experiencing the world in its particular realities, not with the lenses of his own abstractions.

How much clearer, then, would his vision become when the focus of his life was the humble Christ Child and his sainted mother?

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